Saturday, 20 August 2011

Quick celebrity pastels - Bob Hoskins

I really enjoyed doing this one, especially as it came together really quickly. It is from a photograph by Neale Haynes (As before, this is for my own educational purposes only & if the photographer wants me to remove it, I shall).

Monday, 15 August 2011

Quick celebrity pastels - Morgan Freeman

Another quick pastel portrait I did some time ago, based on a fantastic photograph by Patrick Fraser (for my own educational purposes only). I lost interest by the time I got to the hands! By the way, I use a mixture of Rembrandt, Unison, Sennelier, Schmincke and Terry Ludwig soft pastels on Sennelier pastel card, which has a toothy texture similar to sandpaper.

And with a more severe crop

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Quick celebrity pastels - Michael Douglas

I love painting famous faces. They are so familiar to us, and watching people's reaction to them enables me to assess whether I have caught a good likeness in a more reliable way than when I am painting other portraits. I like to use these famous faces to test my improvement.

Of course, there are problems with painting celebrites, the biggest one being copyright issues. Whilst the restrictions which copyright laws place on artists might be frustrating, photographers are artists too, and their work should be respected.

These are very quick pastel paintings produced for my own educational purposes and not for any profit whatsoever, so I'm hoping it is okay to show them. I'm giving the original photographers credit here and if any of them want me to remove these images, I shall oblige.

The first one is of Michael Douglas from a photo by Planton. The original photograph looks as if it has been "de-wrinkled" a fair bit, so I'm not sure it gives a true representation of Michael Douglas as he is now. This is another problem with painting celebrities - retouching tends to rob them of their essential character.

However, I'm not going to blame the photographer - the likeness I have achieved leaves a lot to be desired. It was done a while ago, so hopefully you will see some sort of improvement when I post new images.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Pulverize or persevere?

I am going to be movng house soon and I have been looking through some of my half completed paintings and wondering what I should do with them? Should I keep them and try to make something of them, or should I put them in the recycling bin?

Here is one of my experimental pastels, based on a photograph by Steve Evans, but with a few of my own ideas thrown in. I am keen to paint a black madonna in the near future, although I want to pick my own model and setting. This was a fairly quick sketch, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and there are some anatomical issues, but there are also bits I quite like.

As I shall be painting with the aim of making some money from it at some stage in the future, I'm thinking that I need to be much more focused and use my time more wisely.