Monday, 11 July 2011

Second Lesson - Making Blogging Work

Yesterday, I received an e-mail telling me that there was no followers button on my blog and, true enough, it had disappeared from my blog and from my own control panel. Apparently, this is a common problem on Blogger. I spent a considerable amount of time, trawling though various bits of advice and, remarkably, I was able to fix it.

But that was yesterday! Today it has disappeared again and no amount of fiddling has made it reappear. I'll have to have another look later. In the meantime, my apologies if you did want to follow this blog and have been scratching your heads trying to fathom how to do it.

The lesson I have learned is that technology is as frustrating for artists as it is for lawyers and lecturers. Google - this problem has been persisting for years. Why on earth haven't you sorted it out??


  1. Blogger has been playing up for a few days now, leaving comments and following has been a bit hit and miss!

    There are alternate ways to follow blogs, there is a band at the top of the page where "follow" can be selected, you can add a blog in your dashboard or you can follow a blog in a reader (like Google Reader).

  2. Hi Rolina. Everything seems to be working now, so no excuses for me not to be posting more !