Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Photographing Elizabeth Taylor

One of the tasks I need to master over the coming year is to photograph and present images of my paintings which more accurately reflect what they look like in real life. It is always a problem when people are viewing images on screen, as the colours will inevitably vary. What I would like to achieve is to learn how to take the best possible photos of my work, and also to learn how to check my computers and screens in order to ensure they are not distorting colour or form.

As an example of why all this matters, here are two photographs of my painting of the young Elizabeth Taylor. When I posted the first photograph on a number of people commented that my skin tones were a little on the pasty side. I knew they were not, so I took another photograph. You can clearly see the difference.

By the way, the painting is on a 30x30cm (12 x 12ins) deep edged canvas, which gives it a contemporary look.

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