Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Meet the Parents

A funny thing happens when I paint someone I know well enough to also know members of their family. At certain stages, I may see a relative making an appearance in the face of the person I am painting. Once, when I was painting a friend's daughter, the face of the girl's father kept popping out at me - very strange! Sometimes, it is just a fleeting experience and this has happened several times when I have been painting my mother in this portrait. I have seen glimpses of her own mother, one of her mother's sisters and even myself.

Something isn't quite right with the features of my father's face. I haven't yet worked out whether it's the eyes or the nose, but I suspect I'll need to move things about a bit, which is always frustrating! However, I have softened the lines a little, so I feel it looks more painterly now and less like a illustration.

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