Saturday, 9 July 2011

I want an i-pad 2!!

I'm not the sort of person who has to have the latest gizmos. I can guarantee that if I am teaching a class of 20 students, I shall be the only one in the room who does not possess an all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone. But...I really, really, really want an i-pad 2. I can just about justify buying one on business grounds. For example, it would be useful when dealing with commissions to show clients the photographs I have taken of them straight away on a larger screen ........although I haven't yet established that the i-pad will let me do that!

The truth is that I want to paint on it. If you haven't see David Kassan's video of him painting a portrait from a model, you must watch it now. His talent is mindblowing!!

Of course, acquiring an i-pad won't make me paint like David Kassan, but I can dream!!

If you have an i-pad 2, do let me know if you love it or not.


  1. i found it difficult to use my fingers instead of a brush. tried the various paint programs on ipad 1. prefer the control that i have using a wacom tablet on my mac. having said that i do love the ipad and am waiting around for ipad 3 to pick one up. it should work very well for showing photos though and for many other tasks : )

  2. i also meant to add that do try it out at an apple store to see how it suits you.

  3. Hi ujwala. I bit the bullet and ordered one last night. I also ordered a stylus, so I'll try with my finger and with the stylus and see how it goes. Everyone I know who has one says they love it, so I'm sure I'll find something to do on it.

    I have seen that there is a camera connector to downlaod photos from a digital camera. It has had very mixed review though, with some people saying it doesn't work. One friend told me she downloads photos via i-Tunes, which has totally confused me!

  4. I'm typing this on my iPad! I think I could get seriously addicted!!

  5. : ) re being an ipad addict. how did you fare with the drawing/painting apps? i'm sure you will have discovered in the meantime that your friend meant iphoto or at least as far as i know photos can by synced with the iphoto app which comes on your mac. tried out ipad 2 during the recent break and i'm still holding out for 3! :D

  6. Hi drawtheline. I love your blog, but I couldn't find out from it who you are and, when I tried to join, it told me the blog doesn't exist!! It looks as if we have both been bitten by the same painting faces bug.

    I haven't really got to grips with Brushes on the i-pad yet. It would help if I could find some instructions for the App!! I'm going to get the photo adapter soon.

    I heard that iPad 3 is due out very very soon, so you may be wise to see what else it has before taking the plunge. Personally, I couldn't wait :}

  7. hi julia : ) off to see why the about me page is not functioning. my name is ujwala and like you i'm into faces :P i've started too many blogs to confess to but currently maya and draw the line are semi active!! and on holding out for ip3... it helps that my husband has the ip1... uses it as a dvd player though... finds it too heavy to read books on..

  8. Hi Ujwala, Your husband needs a Kindle to read on! You should hold out for iPad 3 . I have heard rumours it will be out before the end of this year.

    I think 'semi -active ' is where this blog will be for a while. There is far too much going on at the moment.