Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Meet the Parents

I am going to be moving house soon, and I would prefer not to move all the partly finished paintings I have hanging around, as there is a high risk of damage. I have an opportunity to put a few in a gallery window and some could go off to their new owners, but I need to finish them first.

Here is a WIP of my parents. I haven't spent long on this one as it came together fairly quickly, but there is still plenty to do. I don't do any preliminary drawing, but rather I prefer to get the paint on the canvas and move it about until it looks right.  

Also, I am breaking one of my own rules about not using reference photos with toothy smiles. It isn't that I have a problem with painting mouths, (in fact, ears are my bugbear), but cheesy grins don't make the best portraits. However, I have truly put myself in the position of someone who commissions portraits here, as I like the two separate photos of my parents and I think they go well together.  

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